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Jersey City Muay Thai Has existed in the heart of  Jersey City For the last 14 years developing national and world amateur, and professional champions in Muay Thai & Kickboxing. 

Jersey City Muay Thai offers 7-hour classes daily for our community for those who wish to build self-confidence, strength, and self-defense skills.

Different than traditional gym models Jersey City Muay Thai is a private gym that offers three-month training camps to meet the individual’s goals. Each camp provides 3 types of private group classes that are offered twice a day. Students have unlimited attendance options 6 days a week. We offer bags class to build power and endurance learning on different punching/kicking and reflex bags, Thai pad and Boxing Mitt class to perfect your technique, and sparring/clinch class where the student learns to apply the sport’s techniques.

Kids’ classes are offered five days a week. We do not overfill our classes. Students must reserve their first month online and will be scheduled for their first class, goal-setting interview, and proper equipment fitting.

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A flexible schedule for people of all skill levels offered seven days a week!

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Reach out if you have any questions, we are here to assist every step of the way.

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Classes are offered for people of all age ranges and experience and are held 6 days a week with a focus on different techniques and bodyweight exercises.

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